Hazel’s Reading

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Here are some fun games for you, Hazel!

Reading List for Rawl

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Wow Rawl you are reading!!!!

Here are some easy fun games.  Finish every letter and you can go to the next set of games.


Starfall 1


Starfall reading books

3. when you are done with those, here you go!

Starfall reading books

4.Lots of stories to read!!

Starfall reading books hardest books

Here are two more places you can read books.  The first place has stories that need pictures that you can draw if you want.  There are stories of giants and things!

A Primary Reader by E. Louise Smythe

Listen and Read a long with Story Nory to a story you’d like


Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin ( you will be reading this by yourself soon but for now read with Milly or Mama.  Follow along gently with a stick.)

Milly’s Book List

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To Milly


An Island Story: A child’s history of England from earliest legendary times delightfully retold. Beginning with the stories of Albion and Brutus, it relates all the interesting legends and hero tales in which the history of England abounds through the end of the reign of Queen Victoria.  Ages 9-12

A Wonder Book (1852) is a children’s book written by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne in which he rewrites myths from Greek mythology.

Tanglewood Tales

By Nathaniel Hawthorne

is a book by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne, a sequel to A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys. It is a re-writing of well-known Greek myths in a volume for children.

The Little Duke:

by Charlotte M. Yonge
An inspiring story of Richard the Fearless (943-996) who became Duke of Normandy at the age of 8. Relates the perils of his childhood, both at home in Normandy and during his captivity at the court of France, and how at long last he came to embrace the values his father espouse

Otto of the Silver Hand
by Howard Pyle

The book centers around the life of Otto, the son of German warlord Baron Conrad. Otto’s mother, Baroness Matilda, has died in premature labour, brought on by the sight of the Baron’s battle wounds, prompting Conrad to take his newborn son to be raised in a nearby monastery. When Otto reaches the age of eleven his father returns to claim him from the gentle monks, taking him back to live in Castle Drachenhausen, (“Dragons’ House”, in German) the ancestral mountaintop fortress from which the Baron launches his attacks. Here Otto learns of and is horrified by his father’s life as a robber baron, and particularly the revelation of how Conrad killed a defeated, surrendering enemy, Baron Frederick, a rival robber baron who with his men was defending a column of merchants in return for the tribute they were paying him….

Delightful Literature to Read

if we don’t have books from the library or you don’t feel like reading the ones we have

Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales

Assortment of fairy tales

Five Children and It by Edith Nesbit

Like Nesbit’s Railway Children, the story begins when a group of children move from London to the countryside of Kent. While playing in a gravel pit, the five children–Robert, Anthea, Cyril, Jane, and their baby brother, the Lamb–uncover a rather grumpy, ugly and occasionally malevolent sand-fairy known as the Psammead, who has the ability to grant wishes. However, the Psammead has been buried for so long, he is no longer able to grant individual wishes. Instead, he persuades the children to take one wish per day, to share amongst the lot of them, with the caveat that the wishes will turn to stone at sundown. This, apparently, used to be the rule in the Stone Age, when all children wished for was food, the bones of which would then become fossils. However, when the children’s first wish–to be “as beautiful as the day”–ends at sundown, it simply vanishes, leading the Psammead to observe that some wishes are too fanciful to be changed to stone.

All the wishes go comically wrong.

Parables from Nature by Margaret Gatty

Turtles on a log!

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Can you believe that we saw so many turtles on a log yesterday?  How many was it?

What is an amphibian and a reptile?

Is a turtle a reptile or amphibian?


What are some interesting facts about turtles?


Art Study

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Click to view full-sized image

We will be studying Jacques-Louis David.

2003-2004 TERM 3 Jacques-Louis David (French, 1748-1825) (pronounced ZHOCK lu-WEE dah-VEED) (This term’s composer: Schubert)

1. Belisarius, 1781 Information about the painting
2. Oath of the Horatii, 1784 Information about the painting
3. Death of Socrates, 1787 Information about the painting
4. Portrait of Levoisier and His Wife, 1788 Explanation of the picture
5. Napoleon Crossing the Alps (or the “St. Bernard”), 1800
6. The Coronation of Napoleon and Josephine in Notre Dame, 1806 and 1807
Additional Interest (Optional)
A. Napoleon In His Study, 1812 or larger image here: The National Gallery of Art has an online “NGA Kids” activity to go with this painting.
B. Students who have read The Iliad will find this painting of interest: Andromache Mourning Hector, 1783
C. Students who studied Plutarch’s Brutus will find this painting of interest: The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons, 1789 or here
D. David’s most well-known painting is probably too dark for most younger students, but HEO students may opt to study it: The Death of Marat, 1793 or here


Outdoor Adventure

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Lovely Milly, Hi darling!  I love you!

Hey Rawl handsome!! I love you Rawl!

Hi Hoppity Hazel!  I love you Hazel Anne!

Can you find the white wild flower we found on our nature hike?

[photo of White Snakeroot]

Make sure Rawl that you have Milly help you do letter practice on star fall!

It was so fun that you children loved looking for “Secret Stairs” on our hike!  Rawl it made me so happy how excited you were, you started the idea!

Rawl, I loved how excited you got to find “Mysteries” too, and that you are brave enough to touch things like frogs and dead slugs.  I am glad you earned enough tokens to get your scooter!!  Or rent it for the day!

Hazel I was so glad that you told Naomi that she was your friend, I know that made her feel happy inside, it brought her the holy ghost!

Hazel I was so proud that you didn’t complain about walking, and that you went up the hills so quickly that the alligator could never bight your bum!

Milly I am so glad you’ve learned to ride your bike, and that you are sooooo good at swimming and excited to swim in the lake!

George, thank you for being such a good sport about our adventures!


Here is a neat game Uncle Cory found invented by a child, like you!

Christmas Fun

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Stories to listen to or read, and pages to color:


T is for Thanksgiving

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Milly, Happy Thanksgiving week!!!

What are you going to draw this time for little ‘t’?

Please go draw your paper of t’s now!

Instead of games, today lets spend time only doing thanksgiving crafts.  Choose a project:

Make Pilgrim People!

Turkey Bread Basket

Girl’s Pilgrim hat pattern

Girl’s Pilgrim hat picture

Pilgrim Boy Hat

Boy hat picture

Milly, you can read these this week.  This first one is a little play with pilgrim girls!

Girls of the Mayflower, A play by Amy Puetz

And Listen to this Story called The Path of Praise

….Now Hannah is learning about how many pilgrims came, and what their names were!  Really cute, you’ll love what idea they are ganna do!

Greek Stories you can read

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Old Greek Stories

Starlings for darlings

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So remember how we learned about starlings, the birds that stay all winter?

Tell mom what you remember about starlings.

Here are a few videos of starlings that sort of talk!



Please do your page of p’s we forgot to do last week!